Rapworx: Youth Rap Project (2004)

RAPWORX is the result of Escare, YoofArt Attack, the Dept. of Community Development and the Office of Children and Youth, working together to develop an Esperance project for National Youth Week 2004.

Rap Workshops

Rap is an element of Hip Hop, the vocal expression of lyrics in sync to Rap Workshops Esperancea beat or rhythm beneath it, usually provided by a DJ or rhythm track. DJ Fallout (Damien Kietal) ran the workshops, teaching the participants necessary skills required for performing ‘Rap’. These included:

  • Learning to compose lyrics
  • Learning to rhyming along with rhythms
  • Working in a recording studio
  • And producing the Rapworx CD

RapWorx Esperance 2004 CD

One of the goals of the workshop was to produce a CD which is entitled ‘RAPWORX – Esperance 2004’. This contains all the creative talent, learnt skills and hard work put into the project by all of the young people involved.

Rapworx Track listing:

Dance To The Beat, Come On Let’s Boogie, Dance All Night, My Name Is Jo, Flip Flop Flippit, Look Who’s Larfing, My Rhymes, Hey Mr Coppa , YoofArt Attack, Hangin’ At Da Servo and All The Big Things.

Plans to release ‘Rapworx – Esperance 2004‘ locally are underway. So keep a lookout at your local stores or email admin@escare.org.au.au for the latest information.

Specials thanks to All the participants involved plus…Yoofart Esperance

Lyn Kearsley, Karen Collins and Des Kietal of Escare.
Phil Shelton of the Cannery Arts Centre and Catherine West.

Many thanks also to our supporters…

Kietal Productions, Southern Audio Services and Keevils. ‘Word’.