Escare History

Boys playing at the playground

Escare was established in March 1982 as an independent community incentive. Prior to this, Esperance had had a Family Support Officer for 3 years under the Federal “Family Support Scheme”.

The Officer was based at the Shire and at one point shared an office with the ranger.

Escare is so called as a result of early committee members combining a shortened Esperance (Es) with care to make Escare; helping with easy identification; in the naughties its called branding.

Federal Government Support

In 1982, when the ‘Shire’ declined to continue support, a ground swell of local opinion determined the service should continue. The Federal Department sponsoring the Family Support Scheme acknowledged that the Esperance Service was highly successful and that funds would be extended if a managing body could be formed.

Overwhelming Local Support

In a local newspaper survey, the local community gave overwhelming support for the Family Support Service to continue as a Community Based Organisation.

Soon after, a local Management Committee was formed and funding was extended. And, by June 1983, we had become an ‘Incorporated’ body.