Family & Community Service

Escare Inc began as Family Support Service in 1982 and has continued to support families in a variety of ways for 40 years since Incorporation in March 1983.

Information, Advocacy, Practical support and Referral:
Since 1983 Escare Inc has offered local advocacy and supported peoples self advocacy. This includes practical support by way of transport, completing forms, trouble shooting and a safe space where important referrals and connections are established and meaningful relationships built. We endeavor to offer a soft fall or a step up in whatever way that may look. Escare hosts visiting agencies at our offices, for example, the Red Cross Housing Program and Goldfields Community Legal Service, and is a connector for many visiting agencies. Escare publishes a Community Resource booklet with current community information and this together with an Escare referral form, are on this website.

Workshops and Groups

Escare facilitates and project manage Life Skills Development, Practical Skills Development and Relationship Building/Personal Development workshops and/or groups.  Group participants have the opportunity to build on, or are linked to, community support networks, other community resources, learn new skills and increase confidence to continue new endeavours.

Women Learning for Life

Women Learning for Life (WLFL) is a regular support group which runs during school term on Thursday mornings. It has a diverse representation of people with different abilities, backgrounds and requirements. The group is about connecting socially isolated women and those with barriers to inclusion e.g. language barriers; living with a disability.

The sessions assist in identifying participants’ strengths and ares of self-development. This is achieved by providing a comfortable and safe environment where learning practical skills through various activities, assist in supporting their personal development.

Many friendships are formed during these sessions and several of the women meet and support each other outside the group.

The success of the group is reflected in responses to Consumer Surveys

e.g.  ‘What is the biggest difference to the service has made to you?’

“A safe space to and just be with other parents in similar but different situations”

“A place to be able to talk, listen and learn if needed”

“Has given me more confidence and helped with socialising.”

Individual Consultations

Face to face support is offered to assist individuals and families reach identified goals.  This form of consultation supports the development of confidence and skills by identifying and building upon strengths, knowledge and accessing relevant resources and natural supports in the community.

The support offered includes advocacy, information, referrals and practical assistance.

Access to individual consultation is via self-referral or referrals from external services.

To make an appointment or for more information please contact Megs on (08) 9071 3110, or email

Community Education

Escare provides workshops in the local community such as Cyber safety and Protective Behaviours.  Escare is involved in the planning and delivery of community events, often partnering with local service providers.  Some of these activities have  included; the Bi-annual  Kids Fun Day Out  (no longer meeting due to limited capacity by long term committee members).  Currently we have a partnership with Esperance Community Arts : Art for Mindfulness Project (Act Belong Commit, Healthways funded) .

Escare has been the backbone of networks such as the Early years Network and Lifespan Esperance. We also participate in networking and awareness raising activities throughout the community including the Esperance Interagency group coordinated by Escare. This is an excellent access point for new services in the region such as DV (Domestic Violence) Assist.

Brick Club

Escare Inc has run Brick Club for several years, commencing when Escare  was looking for inclusive activities. Brick Club in Melbourne supported our journey and we have partnered with GIFSA, Esperance Police, Our Lady Star of the Sea and Community Arts over the years.

The club is moving into more STEM learning and have introduced Lego Technics, motors and moving parts to our program, which the participants are finding fun and challenging.  The social development of the participants is evident as they collaborate and support each other to complete individual tasks or group designs.  At the end of each session, the children are encouraged to share what they have created.  Parents/carers are welcome to join us during this part of the program and most children now feel confident in sharing with the group.  

Brick Club runs from  Escare Inc at 53 The Esplanade on Mondays 3.30-4.30. $5.00 per session. We have a facebook page, Esperance Brick Club so check it out for more information Call Nat Symonds or Renae Rance on 90713110.


Be Connected Activities

Escare offers support with regard to people and digital technology including the use of Ipads for grand-carers; as an example in  Get On Line Week, a Be Connected grant supported a workshop on internet concepts and safety with 14 people in attendance facilitated by Kim Maslin.

People were shown how important it is to make sure you can access reliable information, stay connected with friends and family and order what you need online, and how to do this safely.

Community members had an opportunity to enjoy a cuppa and a chat and look at the various ways Escare staff can be of help as well as the Esperance Library staff and Kim Maslin, who is a local digital expert and educator.

Resourcing the Community

In addition to the comprehensive content of the Escare website, which is kept current, Escare produces a quarterly newsletter ‘Community Connect’ with updated information on services for individuals and families such as Toy Libraries, play groups and community services. This together with the Community Services Resource Booklet which is updated regularly, is distributed to Interagency list and publicised on the Escare Facebook page.


Working in an inclusive way

Escare has a strong working relationship with many First Nations families as well as culturally and linguistically diverse people. 

Escare facilitates an art group called Yorga Barmah in partnership with Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (ETNTAC)  and the Escare Empowering Communities Program.

For information contact


MyTime is a group for all parents and carers of children under the age of 18 who need a higher level of care than other children. This might be because of disability, chronic medical condition, or other additional needs including developmental delay.